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Built for a world that changes day by day, shift by shift, GoTab’s Restaurant Commerce Platform is here to help you deliver hospitality and focus on what matters most. Conquer the complexities of your operations inside the four walls and beyond with our flexible, easy-to-use solutions.

Manager Dashboard & KDS Training

For New Merchants Only: Getting Started with GoTab

The first step in beginning your onboarding with GoTab is completing your location form. This will allow us to begin programming your menu and creating your QR codes, menu links, POS settings, and KDS settings if needed.

Please begin submitting your menus and business information by clicking the ‘location form’ button.

The second step in beginning your onboarding with GoTab is completing your merchant application so you can accept payments for orders and get paid.

Please begin submitting your personal and business information by clicking the ‘merchant application’ button.

The third step in beginning your onboarding with GoTab is by watching the Manager Dashboard training above so you can learn how the POS, KDS, and back-office works so you can make any necessary changes to your menu and access daily reports.

If you run into any challenges or have questions, feel free to schedule a call so we can answer your questions. If it’s a quick question, you can also text us at 503-501-8461.

To schedule a zoom appointment click the ‘Schedule A Call’ button.

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