In this episode of The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Tax, I talk with Will Eberhart, entrepreneur, and business advisor at Perseverance Marketing Group.

Will Eberhart is a passionate, strategic brand marketer with deep experience in driving brand awareness, engaging consumers, and directly influencing revenue. Having worked with several of the world’s best-known consumer brands, and playing a key role in accelerating growth, Will relentlessly works with entrepreneurs and organizations to strengthen their relationship with their audience through key insights and authentic storytelling.

In this episode, Will shares his origin story and how his love for basketball, shoes, and education propelled him forward into roles with the leading sports brands and beyond that as an entrepreneur with Perseverance Marketing Group where he helps business owners craft stories about their brand. What I appreciate the most about Will is he, as he refers to himself in his bio, is an anomaly, as he was raised in New York City by two teenage parents during the crack era where it required him to embody the essence of the word perseverance to succeed and defy the obstacles he faced daily in his neighborhood.

I am honored to share the story of Will Eberhart, who I commonly refer to as Will “The Voice” Eberhart. I am sure you will enjoy the conversation!!

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