Helping entrepreneurs build better businesses.

The PaySuite Story

In 2016, Keith Sconiers, the Founder of PaySuite, sat across the table from a restaurant owner frustrated with the payment processor Keith was employed by. The restaurant owner was upset by how he was being treated and kept asking Keith, “Why won’t your company help me?”.

Frustrated and upset, Keith returned to his home office, where he went to bat for the restaurant owner, only to have management decide they wanted nothing to do with solving the problem. This prompted Keith to immediately submit his resignation letter and later launch PaySuite to help entrepreneurs eliminate the pain and frustration related to working with POS and payment processing companies.

Today, PaySuite is committed to helping businesses adopt the latest payment technology, increase sales, and streamline operational costs.

Our Team

Helping entrepreneurs build better businesses.

Keith Sconiers, Advisor

Jolie Clausen, Operations

Imran Haider, Advisor

Our Values

To treat our staff, partners, and advisors with the respect and dignity they deserve while delivering exceptional solutions to the entrepreneurs we serve.


We always communicate truthfully with our clients because business is about trust.


We always do what is right for our clients and the success of our professional relationship.


We always serve our client's businesses. We don't deserve their business if we don't.


We always take responsibility when we fail and take ownership in finding the solution.


We always go the extra mile to serve our clients because life is about making an impact.

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PaySuite is a payment consulting firm that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, software providers, and associations source the best payment technology while protecting them from arbitrary rate increases, junk fees, and poor customer service.

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